Monday, March 24, 2008

He Is Risen

Well this weekend was Sailor’s first time to hunt Easter eggs!! More importantly, we celebrated the ressurection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!! He has given us an amazing GIFT through His death on the cross... ETERNAL salvation for our souls!! One day Cameron and I will walk side by side with our Heavenly Father and it is our deepest prayer that Sailor will come to know Christ as her Savior at an early age that she too will walk beside Him when we get called home!! I was studying this past week about God’s love for us. His love is agape love. It means that it’s completely unconditional. No matter what we do He will still love us!! He loved us so much that He died on the cross for us! To forgive us of our sins. That we may accept this free gift and live in His kingdom with Him forever and ever!! How undeserving we are of this love.... but He gives it freely anyway!!

Cameron and Sailor and I went to Matagorda Friday night to celebrate Easter with Cameron’s parents on Saturday. Justin and Erin were there also! It was so much fun! Our little ladybug hunted Easter eggs for the first time!! She’s such a big girl!! She did a great job. She would pick up an egg and hold it until we got to the next egg and then she would throw the old one in the basket!! She did this over and over! It brought tears to my eyes. She’s growing so fast! She now says: "All Done!"... "More?"... "Please?"... "Thank you."... "Welcome."... "That."... "I love you"... and "Coca"( this is for any kind of food or drink. It origionally started out for cookie but somehow transulated to anything that goes in her mouth period!) Praise Jesus that he blessed us with this sweet Sailor Bug!!

We wern’t able to go to church Sunday because Sailor has been very ill! We were worried that she might catch something else with her immune system being so low. She’s gotten sick the last 4 times we’ve been to church with a major illness :( So we thought we would give her a rest... unfortunately it happened to be on Easter Sunday :(

We went to Creg and Jennifer’s house Sunday afternoon. We had a HUGE meal and hunted some more Easter eggs! It was a blast! Haven and Sailor were adoreable!! Little Twins!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blue Eyed Girl- Turned Pink

I woke up this morning feeling a little alarmed. It was 10:30! Did I sleep through Sailor waking up? I checked her monitor... the sound was up! Huh! I got out of bed and did a couple of things around the house. At 11:30 I started to get worried about her. I went in to check on her and the above picture is what I found. I let her sleep for a little while longer, because I just thought she was REALLY tired! When she still didn't wake up I went in to wake her up myself. I thought something might not be right because for the last several months she's been getting up around 8:30 or 9. When she got out from under the covers her poor little eyes were very swollen and red. And they were oozing yellow/green pus out of them. I was so sad. I knew something might be wrong, and it was! I called Cameron and then I called the doctor. Unfortunately her pediatrician left the office at 11:30 and wouldn't be back for the rest of the day! I had an appointment with my own doctor today at 1:30 so I just brought Sailor with me and had my doctor look at her eyes. He said immediately that it was pink eye!! :( He gave me some eye drops for her and she should be well in about 8 days!! God is so good!! I didn't have to pay extra for her at the doctor's visit!! It's so sad to see her little eyes like this. Please pray that she will recover quickly and that Cameron and I won't get it!! I really want everyone to be healthy for Easter!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So this has got to be like a record or something!! I can't believe that I have't blogged in almost 4 months!! First, I send my appologies to everyone! I know you have all been waiting for some Sailor updates for some time now! I have veen wanting to update it for so long, but it just doesn't seem like there are enough hours left at the end of the day to do so! Thank you to everyone for being patient with us!

Sailor Bug is 15 months old now. She will be 16 months on the 25th of March. Let me just start off by saying that her personality is quite a bit larger than she is! She has started putting 2 words together now. She says thank you, welcome, bye-bye, hello, hi daddy, hi mommy, NO-NO-NO, and she will try and repeat any two-syllable word. She makes animal sounds for a dog, a cow, a pig, a rooster, a sheep, and a duck. It is so amazing how much she already knows. She hums her abc's and can say A-B-C-D but then starts over!! Just in the last week and a half I find myself being amazed at things she's doing. I think, "She is alot smarter than I think she is!!" She gives the BEST hugs and kisses you could ever receive from someone. She hugs our necks so tight that it almost chokes us ;) She's still pretty small... And being sick hasn't helped any. She's between 18 1/2 and 19 lbs. She started walking about a week before Christmas! She's still in 6-9 month clothes but we have her in a forward facing carseat! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! We turned her around the last weekend in Febuary when we went out of town on a road trip. We were in the car for 6 hours Friday night and Cameron didn't think she would do very well facing backwards the whole trip. So he went and bought a new carseat. When we pulled out of the driveway she said"WOOOAAHHHH" It was the cutest thing! She's about one pound shy from actually being able to turn around to face forward but she is very average for her height, so her poor little legs were curled up in her infant carseat and they don't make any convertible carseats (ones that face forwards and backwards both) that go up to 100lbs. So we made the decision!! She still rides in the infant carseat when we take Cameron's truck, so we don't have to buy another one right now. And the only time she basically goes anywhere is right down the road to church several times a week!! She is so much fun to be around. She talks constantly. Cameron and I contineously are cracking up at her because she will look at us and speak utter gibberish and be as serious as she can be!! The poor thing... she has something so serious to tell us but we haven't a clue of what it is. I can't wait for you guys to see her!! It's been so long since I've posted anything so I'm going to catch you up on the last 4 months... so hold on tight!! Here we go:

We were basically out of town for most of December! With Cameron out of town hunting, on business trips, going to see my brother (TJ) in Oklahoma, and Christmas with all of our family.... we were looking forward to returning to a "normal" family in January.... that didn't happen like we thought it would!! But here's a little slideshow of our Christmas with our little Sailor Bug.

On to January... still hectic, because Cameron had to do quite a bit of traveling for work! I turned 24 on January 7! WOO HOO! I'm almost halfway to 30!! hahahaha! I also started my own business with Arbonne.... so that kept me quite busy, and has continued to do so. It's been alot of fun though, I really am enjoying it! So if anyone is interested in anything, just let me know. I'm also still doing Thirty~One as well. Since having a 15 month old full-time, cutting hair part-time, working a part-time handbag company and a part-time health and wellness company I decided to keep a 9 week old baby girl full time!! Now you can see why I've been a little behind on updating the blog!! We also started a Bible study at my home on Monday mornings! My friends Lacey and Jennifer come and we study the Word and just enjoy each other's fellowship! God has blessed me so much to give me such sweet Christian girlfriends in my life!! I love you ladies ;-*

Febuary wasn't much diferent... I was going to make a slide show of Febuary pics for Valentine's Day... but I just realized that I haven't downloaded the pictures yet!! Oops. Sorry! We got to go the my cousin Sarah's wedding!! That was sooo much fun! We stayed with Sarah's sister Emily and got to meet Kari (Emily's little baby girl) for the time. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L baby girl!! She was born 3 days after Sailor's birthday! It was such a blessing to get to see Emily and Corey again. The baby girl that I am watching is named Kayleigh. I started watching her at the beginning of Febuary. I was very nervous about how Sailor was going to react to her. Sailor is VERY clingy so I was worried that she would be jealous, but she LOVES Kayleigh! She kisses her and rubs her head all day long! She calls her baby. Every morning when I go to get her out of her crib and we start down the hallway to go to the livingroon, she points to the livingroom and says "BABY" with the biggest grin. She gets very disappointed on the days that she's not there! I feel better to know that when Cameron and I decide to have our next child that Sailor will react very well :)

March has already been full of events!! Two weeks ago we had to take Sailor to the hospital with a 104.7 fever. She couldn't talk or move. The only thing she could do was just lay on the and stare in space. It was one of the scarriest things I've ever been through! It breaks your heart when you can't make your baby feel better. Once we got to the hospital Monday night they took her back through the first part of triage and gave her motrin, on top of already having tylenol. Then we were able to go back to a waiting room where it was just us. Praise God for the lady that worked at the front desk. She was a mom! She could tell how uncomfortable I was to have Sailor around all the people that were in the E.R. It was PACKED!! And then two police officers escorted in a man in handcuffs and chains!! AAHHHH!! So the lady let us go back to a secluded room. We waited there for a little over an hour. Sailor's fever came down completely and she was running all over the place with her daddy. Then a lady was walking through our waiting room and told us that they wouldn't even be taking anyone back for another 2 hours! What?! So Cameron and I decided to go talk to the people at the front desk. He told us that it would be more like 7-9 hours because they were so full. So since Sailor was feeling better we decided to take her home. If we were going to have to wait that long we wanted to be comfortable. When we got home I checked her temp and it was 98.6! Praise God!! And since they didn't take us back past the first part of triage we didn't have to pay for anything!! She slept with us that night... well, she layed down in our bed anyway.... we didn't get much sleep that night. She woke back up with a 104 fever!! But I gave her more motrin and that brought it down to about 102. We took her to the doctor the next day and all she had was a fever virus. There was nothing they could do! She wasn't fever free until Thursday. She also had a sever runny nose! It has not gone away and now she has a horrible cough! I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for us during this time and I ask that you would please continue to pray for her that she will knock this cough out and she will be well again!! It's so hard to know what to do. She sounds horrible when she coughs, but I don't think that the doctor will be able to do anything for her. I just think she's trying to break up all of the drainage. Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom as to what to do!

We took her to the rodeo last weekend for the first time!! She loved it! We went into the petting zoo and she was so cute will all the animals! She wanted to pick all of them up! She kissed a goat on the butt too! She wore the sweetest little pink cowgirl boots!! Here are some of the pics from Rodeo Houston '08:

These are some pictures of Sailor playing on her Swing Set that we bought her for Christmas. She was also playing with one of her friends Jordyn who came over to visit her. The Sunglasses pictures are because she CAN'T STAND when the sun is in her eyes... and the little shade protecters that you can buy to attach to your car windows don't work!! It always seems to peer through the part of the window that isn't protected!! We also celebrated Cameron's 28 Birthday! His birthday was on Wednesday but we went out for a little surprise party with some of our friends from church Sunday evening after service! We also took a picture with the Easter Bunny. We were leaving walmart Sunday afternoon and the pictures were free, so I went to set Sailor in his lap... and she FREAKED!! So I had to sit by him with her in my lap. In her defense, He didn't look kind of scary. I was actually a little afraid sitting by him. His head was just so small, it seemed weird :-S The other baby girl is a picture of Jilian. She is one of Sailor's friends and I'm also watching her now on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! I'm a busy woman y'all!!

I'm looking forward to celebrating our Risen Savior this coming weekend! I hope you all have a very blessed Easter! And I will be back with an update on how Sailor's first Easter egg hunt went!

P.S. For those of you that have a myspace, I've started one. The address is