Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby Britches

Here's a little slide show of some stuff we're doing. We can pretty much monogram anything: bibs/burpies... blankets.... onesies... tees... I'm also working on some BLING Baby Shoes..(also for toddlers!!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy 10 Month B-Day Ladybug!!

Our sweet baby girl is 10 months old today!!! She is such a character!! She FINALLY holds her own bottle and she is pulling up on EvErYtHiNg!! She can stand by herself for about 10 seconds before she plops down on her bottom. I'm hoping that she's weighs at least 17lbs!!! Cameron tought her how to clap her hands tonight!! Yeah!! It was so exciting to see that! Here are some GOOFY pictures Cameron took of her tonight!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The GIFT of Life

Everyone who has a child needs to praise the name of Jesus Christ, for he is the giver of life!! Our precious gifts come from none other!! After you watch this video go grab your son or daughter around the neck, kiss their cheeks, and tell them how much you love them!!

The Mommy Connection

So I've started something new!! It's called The Mommy Connection. This is a blog that will give working mommies out there a one-stop information center. I plan to post anything from quick meal recipes to health/beauty news. Baby fashion to simple inspiration, and even some fun family time ideas!! Stop by frequently to get the latest skinny and feel free to leave comments.... if you have and ideas on posts you can email me at I hope you enjoy The Mommy Connection!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Showing Off The Pearly Whites!!

I never wanted Sailor to get teeth. Well, she has them and I find myself working harder now to get her to crack a smile than before she had teeth!! I just love seeing them. They are sooooo cute!! She has the biggest gap between her top two and I love it!!! She now has 6 teeth... KEEP SMILING LADYBUG!!!

Lots of Stuff

There has been alot going on lately.... My brother has decided to go into the Army. I'm excited and terrified for him at the same time!! I went to stay a couple of days with my parents last week so we could all hang out before TJ has to leave for boot camp. It was nice getting to hang out with them... the last night I was there we threw a going away party for him. Please join me in praying for his safety and also that the Lord would provide him the strength to get through boot camp(I watched some army videos with them...YIKES!!)!?!
I've compiled a slide show for you.... a couple are of Sailor and her Grammie. They bought her a princess jeep.... this thing is AWESOME!! Some of the pics are of Sailor and Haven.... and some with my family.... enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9 Month Pictures

Here's Sailor's nine month pictures. She didn't smile very much at all, but we did get some pretty cute ones!! Haven also took some with her in their matching tutu outfits..... just precious!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Lonely Ladies

Sailor and I have been two LONELY LADIES this week. Cameron had to go out of town Monday morning to San Antonio for work. He didn't get back in town until Wednesday night at 9pm and then had to leave Thursday morning to go to the deer lease and didn't get back until today!! I realized how much I depend on my husband this week when he wasn't here to relieve me!! I'm am sooooo EXHASUTED!!! I HATE when Cameron goes out of town because something ALWAYS happens to me!! Well, as usual.... something stressful presented itself!!! I took Sailor to the doctor for her 9 month checkup on Monday afternoon. Everything went really well. She's a healthy little baby. She weighed 16lbs 8oz. and she was 27 1/4 in. long. I was a little dissappointed with her weight... I was hoping she would be atleast 17lbs but no go!!! I'm just praying that she will weigh enough by 12 months to be able to face forward in her carseat!!! She's just a little girl I guess!!

So I went to get my hair cut at my salon on Tuesday. While we were there Sailor was just loving the attention. After a while though she started getting fussy and then started having another crying fit like last weekend. Well she wouldn't stop screaming and so I took her to the doctor again because it was on my way home. When I got there I told the doctor that she has to find something wrong with her!!! She had a 101.3 temp the night before and I knew she was not okay... something was wrong!! Well she was checking her body over and right at the last minute she checked her feet and then her toes.... and her right pinky toe was VERY red and swollen!! It was something that I feel had just happened becuase it wasn't hurt before I went to the salon. We couldn't see a scratch or a bite mark so the doctor wanted me to go to the hospital and get an x-ray. I was sooo sad!!! It was only tuesday... Cam hadn't even been gone for two WHOLE DAYS yet and some kind of drama was already going on!!! We went and had an x-ray and she did really well. I got some antibiotic for her toe, but by the time we got home her toe alomst looked normal again!! It turned out that her foot was fine in the x-ray.... so once again I have no idea what was wrong with her!!

We ended up managing through the week without Daddy and left on Friday afternoon to go see our good friends Mitch, Kellie, & Baby Laurel in Baycity. Laurel is 3 months younger than Sailor. The Atkinson family went also.... needless to say they had a FULL house. It was so much fun though. We went out to eat when we got there and I discovered that their 6 month old baby HOLDS HER OWN BOTTLE!!! And my nine month baby doesn't!!! When we got back to their house..... I worked with Sailor a little bit and she ended up holding her own bottle.... for like 60 seconds..... then she started playing with it! But that's a start!! She also drank from her sippy cup for the first time!! And she has 5 teeth now!! CRAZY!!

It was a little stressful getting dressed for church on Sunday morning without Cameron. He normally gets Sailor Bug dressed for me and I had to do it all myself. When we got to church I went to drop her off in their nursery and the lady who worked in there grabbed Sailor from me and she started crying.... so then I started crying!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I was like, "What's wrong with me??!!" By then I was just sooooo exhausted, and I missed Cameron, and I was leaving Sailor with a PERFECT STRANGER!!! But PRAISE GOD..... HE IS SOOOO GOOD!!!... I went to check on her between Sunday School and Church and she was conked out!!! That was just what I needed to see.... I felt sooo much better after that!! When I went to Pick her up the Lady asked me how old she was and I told her 9 months. She said Sailor really surprised her.... She didn't even think she could sit up..... she set her down and then she started crawling.... a little later she looked at Sailor and saw her pull up on something and said to herself, "She must be older than I thought!!" I told her, "Yep, she's just a little PIP SQUEAK!!" We had such a blast.... Sailor pretty much stayed in Shane's arms the whole weekend.... when she wasn't in mine!! Samantha, Kellie and I went to the town square on Saturday to shop all the little stores there.... it was nice having some girl time. Thank you Jesus for the salvation of my friends!! It's so nice to have Christian friends that share the same beliefs and morals as I do!! It was also fun sharing mommy stories too... lol!!! The Halls were so kind to house Sailor and I for the weekend. Thank you guys so much! I can't wait to visit again!!! Thank you Lord for delivering Cameron to us safely. It's good to have you home Cam!!! WE MISSED YOU!!!