Monday, April 30, 2007

Bumbo Baby

Since Sailor's been eating baby food I've been trying to find the best method to feed it to her. I started out trying to put her in a walker but she kept putting her head down so I couldn't get the food in her mouth without spilling it off the spoon. Then I tried holding her. I just got FILTHY!! So then I tried putting her in her bouncer but she just looks too bunched up and uncomfortable..... We don't have a high chair because it wasn't something that we would need for a long time..... and she's too small for one right now. So, I went and bought a bumbo saturday night. A bumbo is a little plastic chair that is designed for babies to sit in when they aren't quite capable of sitting up on their own yet. It works pretty good. She seems to like it pretty well and it's easier to feed her. It cleans up well too because it's all plastic. My friend even uses hers to give her baby girl a bath....... Now that's SMART THINKIN"!!!!

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Sweet Sailor Smiles

We thought we would share some of our sweet, sweet Sailor smiles with you!!!

We just can't get enough of them!!!!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We're Almost GRANDPARENTS!!!

Our little tooter is 5 months old today...... SHE'S SO OLD!!!! I can't believe she's already been in this world for 5 months. I thought that 4 months was still pretty "newborn", but there's just no way with 5 months. 5 MONTHS IS OLD!!! She will be 6 months next month and that's practically a year. Which means she is going to kindergarten next year..... and then prom... she's gonna be married in like 5 years..... I almost have GRANDKIDS!!!!


Okay, sorry. I'm better. Time is just going by so fast. I cherish Sailor every day that our Savior blesses us with. She's rolling over from her tummy to her back.. but it's a little harder going the other way. It just takes a little more muscle! She's rolled over from her back to her tummy twice. I MISSED BOTH OF THEM!!! But hopefully I'll be able to see it soon. She's started bananas and applesauce.... both have produced black poop and "bitter-beer face"! I thought she would like them better than her veggies b/c they're sweeter..... not the case. I guess they are tart. But she eats them all, after the initial first taste. She's such a joy to be around.... she's definitely not afraid to let other people know she's PRESENT!! My apologies to all of you in the last month who have had high hopes of enjoying a nice quiet dinner, and then got seated next to us :-) There is definitely only one volume on her chitter-chatter voice box right now.... LOUD What's funny is that I lean over to her and say SSSHHHHH.... like she knows what I'm talking about. One thing is for sure.... our little 13lb chatter-box, wiggle-worm has the biggest, prettiest blues eyes that just complement her GINORMOUS gummy smiles. Again, THANKS BE TO OUR SAVIOR for blessing us with this treasured baby!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

5 Month Pictures

I went with my friend Jennifer and her 8 month old baby girl Haven yesterday to the Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. We were hoping to get some pictures of the girls. I had a bunch of great ideas for the babies. When we got there they were both asleep. We loaded them in their strollers and headed off to start scouting different scenes. Well it was only 82 degrees but it was very humid.... needless to say the girls didn't stay sleeping very long, it was just too muggy. We started taking pictures and realized pretty quick that we really needed another person to help us. We traded off cameras and would take turns taking each other's pictures.... the problem was that we were holding a baby while taking pics of the other person. It was very hot and sticky, and mosquitoes were really bad. Sailor wasn't really happy with the heat so we had to hurry. I was hoping to get all these great pictures and spend the afternoon enjoying all the pretty flowers. Unfortunately mother nature had other plans. So we got some pretty good ones.... not as many as we wanted but that's okay. Maybe next time. I hope you enjoy what we did capture....

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Tickled Pink

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The BEST sound in the world!!! I love this little girl so much!! I am so thankful God has blessed us with Sailor. She is the most precious gift EVER!!!!!

Baby Food

When we took Sailor to her 4 month appointment the doctor told us to start her on cereal and then a couple of weeks later we could start giving her baby food. At first I was sad about this. I just couldn't believe that she was already big enough for food...... but then I got over it and got EXCITED!!!! It would be something new to try. Well the first night didn't go so good.... she had received 3 shots earlier that day.... needless to say she wasn't a happy camper:( I mixed up the rice cereal just like the directions said. I'm not really sure why but I thought it would be a breeze for some reason.... not the case. She spit out every bite I gave her. Apparently she didn't think mommy was a good cook....:-( I thought the next night would be better.... nope!!! Sailor obviously didn't think I was clean enough, so she decided to give me her own shower...... a cereal shower!!! This went on for TWO WEEKS!!!!

Monday night we decided to start baby food. We were hoping she would like it better than her cereal. We had to choose from sweet potatoes, carrots, sweet peas, and green beans...... sweet potatoes it was. She did okay. Not great, but not terrible. It was something new.... I understand. Well when you are introducing food to babies you have to repeat the same food 3 days in a row. This is to make sure they aren't allergic to anything. So we repeated the sweet potatoes Tuesday evening. Sailor's Nana (my mom) came to visit and ended up feeding her. Well I'm not sure if Nana had a magical touch that I didn't know about but Sailor ate ALL of her sweet potatoes.... I guess it did have something to do with my cooking.

After the third day of sweet potatoes we started her on green beans. She loves them!! She even opens her mouth for me now when she sees the spoon coming... it's so exciting:) She's even doing a little better with her cereal..... when she's not looking I sneak a bite or two of it into her wittle bitty mouth.... ssshhhhhh!!!

Here are some pictures of our big adventure into the world of BABY FOOD!!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sailor's First Easter

We just wanted to share with you some of Sailor's pictures from her first Easter. We had so much fun.... we borrowed these bunny ears from her best friend Haven..... She is 3 months older than Sailor.....they were too cute together!!! It's so much FUN having a girl! We had a big Easter egg hunt on saturday and we went to visit some friends after church on sunday.... and even though Sailor is only four months old, the Easter Bunny came to visit her!!!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Little Late

Well, I'm a little late getting this started!! I've been planning to start this blog for 4 months. As you all know, 4 months ago the joy of our life came into this world. Madyson Sailor Lane was born on Saturday, November 25, 2006. She was 6lbs. 15oz. and the most precious jewel we've ever layed our eyes on!! Praise the Lord for our beautiful baby girl!!

We've had so much fun with Sailor. Our home looks like it threw up PINK!!! (I LOVE IT) Time goes by sooooo fast.... the first year is filled with a bunch of "1st". Her first Christmas, her first trip to the deer lease.... and probably her last(atleast with mommy anyways.. lol), her first Valentine's Day, her first Easter!! She's getting so big and really developing her personality!! She has big SMILES and lots to say..... we are so blessed!!