Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Update

Well as most of you know, Hurricane Ike hit our area this past friday night/saturday morning. We actually just got off the cruise ship ready to go home, and got stuck in the Galveston evacuation traffic!! Then we were off to get some storm supplies and food from the store... which ended up consisting of 2 packs or water some pretzels, pop-tarts, and oreos!! WE WERE READY TO "SURVIVE", lol! EVERYTHING WAS GONE!! There was not one loaf of bread in the store!!

We were soooooooooooo blessed!! Our house only had a little limb damage, lots of leaves everywhere, and little hole on our roof! We looked down our street and saw soooo many houses with TONS more damage! One man lost ALL his trees in his yard.... they were all up-rooted with the soil still attached!! There were power lines laying all over the roads and one lady had her plumbing up-rooted when her tree fell over!! And there were tons of people with their roofs completely blown off!! PRAISE GOD for watching over our home!!

We don't have any power of course, but we are very fortunate to be able to stay with my parents!! They had a generator and could plug in a small a/c and the refrigerator!! Their power come on the very next day.... so we really only "roughed it" for like 24 hrs!! THANK YOU JESUS!! It's hard not having any electricity with a toddler!! So we've moved in with my parents temporarily!! They say that our power won't be on until OCTOBER 5!!! YIKES!!

We're ALIVE!!!

It's been FOREVER since we've posted anything.... But rest assured, all is well in the Lane household! Our computer broke a while back making it extremely difficult to post anything, but the problem is fixed praise the Lord and I can rejoin the blogging world!! I've taken some time to make some slide shows so you can see how our cute little Sailor Bug has grown into a sweet little girl!! She's so smart... it's hard to even think of her as a toddler these days (let alone my little baby), because her vocabulary is so extensive and so is her little personality!! Everyday she says things that just make us go WOW!! We are staying with my parent's (Christina's parents) due to our power outage back home resulting in hurricane Ike. The other evening my mom was holding Sailor and she asked Sailor, "Sailor, do you know how much I love you?!" Sailor looked at her and as serious as could be, proceeded to tell her Nana (while nodding her head), "Yep, I know that!!"...then put her hands up in the air and said, "I don't know why!!" I was laughing so hard when she said that, I couldn't even stand up!!

Sailor Bug is weighing in at about 21 lbs these days!! She's average height, just really skinny! 50% for height, 3-5% for her weight!! She's in anywhere form 0/3-6 bottoms and 6-12 month tops!!She can say her ABC's, she loves to sing songs... some of her favorites are Jesus Loves Me, Tinkle Tars (twinkle twinkle little star), and some silly songs you guys have probably never heard of before! She can count from 1 to 10.... just not in order!! I really don't have the heart to correct her either, cause it's so stinkin' cute!!! She LOVES "jumping" (when I say jumping, it's more like skip/hopping... she still can't quite get both of her legs off the ground yet!!) off of anything!!! ANYTHING!! If we're walking and the level of ground changes even by a couple of inches... we have to stop everything we do and count... "1-2-5-7-8-2-9-1... JUMP" it's the CUTEST thing!! Don't worry, she'll have the correct order by the time she goes to school, lol! Basically, there's not really anything that she can't say! She talks in complete sentences now. It might take her a minute, because if she gets caught up in her words, she starts her entire sentence over until she gets it right!! She's a very determined little girl!! I love her so much and it has been so much fun growing into a rambunctious little girl!! The energy this child has is CrAzY!! She definitely keeps me and Cameron on our toes!! I hope you enjoy these slide shows!!

She was 16-18 months in this slide show:

This was our trip to Garner State Park this year! We had so much fun:

This was 4th of July at my parent's lake house in Trinity:

We just went on a cruise last week! I was packign the night before we left (so please excuse the mess) and Sailor found this baithing suit and wanted to wear it! So I put it on, onlly to discover it's about 2 sizes too small!! She was waaayyyy to tall for it, so it exposed her little boobies.... but she didn't care and would not stand for me to take it off!! So she wore it for quite a while!! I almost died when I looked over and saw her wearing my high heels!! It was so FUNNY!! I promise, as she gets older I will discourage this look!!

And finally, these are our cruise pictures: